Monday, November 17, 2008

Just suck it up.. You are their dad!

So I went back to work a couple weeks ago.. I work only 2 nights a week. So dustin is home with the kids. Well I guess Saturday night didn't go as "he" wanted. I came home about 12pm. He was sitting at the computer, my house a mess, and Tatem screaming his head off. I immeditatly picked him up and rocked him. When I look up here is my husband staring at me like I just did something I wasnt suppose to.
He told me that Bree wouldnt go to bed when it was time, that she wouldnt eat what he made her for dinner, and that she was alittle outta control. That Tate hadnt stopped crying and wont go to sleep. He wont take his bottle so he just gave up.
Ummm you gave up? So nice that the hubs can give up but the mother cant. He proceeded to tell me that it wasnt worth me working. We shall see how this paycheck is and we will decide from there if I should work.. ummm excuse me?!? WTH?!?
I understand that he had a stressful night, but what about me when I have a stressful day and would like some time to myself you dont see me giving up. Just makes me mad that all of a sudden he wants to make these choices without me, umm it is MY job. I'M the one working the hours. I AM the ONE who is working, taking care of the kids, and the house. You would think that HE would ask ME how I felt about it.
So sunday he comes home and askes me what I am going to do about my schedule this week. Didnt know there was a problem with it, but ok I continue to listen. I work saturday nights and the sunday morning. So I am missing church for the 3 week and he is upset. He tells me to tell my boss that I will be late saturday night so I can go to church. Umm I really cant do that. I can lose my job. When I took this postition I was told its mostly nights. And they are working with me right now about working only 2 bc with the holidays ppl are busy and dont really wanna watch 2 kids. So i cant very well tell them that its only one night. He gets alittle mad and says to me.. well saturday is my only night to have off (he works nights mostly) and I would like to go and do something or relax.. umm Hello when do i get to relax? So I just sit there boiling mad! I just couldnt take it anymore.
He makes me feel so little about my job. Yes he is the bread winner in the house, but I am making money and bringing it in too. You would think he would be happy that we have great jobs that are bringing in money to let us live a life that we want. Why do I feel this way.. just makes me so mad. Ugh Men.. thats my rant for the day. Had to get it out before I went off the deep end. He almost had me in tears last nite.. do they just not get it?

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