Saturday, October 25, 2008

My harley chick!

Here is the new face of Harley davidson.LOL My dad loves to spoil the grandkids with harley stuff. He is a big harley man and owns way to many harley bikes.

Braelyn knows when grandpa comes he always has something for her. She just took her first ride in the side cart of my dads bike he named after here. I didnt get a picture couldnt find the darn camera! So I will have to get it next time she goes for a little ride. She sure enjoyed it. Even though my dad was just barely moving the bike down the road in our tiny town! But none the less she sure had the biggest smile on her face!Down side to that shirt. It has glitter!!! So when she worse it, it got all over the house. My bed, couches, blankets, pillows, me, Tatem, and Dustin were all covered. I am still finding glitter on myself! But she is just to cute in it!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My kids

My little cutie I tell you. Yesterday she wanted me to put her hair in pig tails. She brought be two buffies. She looks just like me I tell you, poor Dustin with two of me. :)

She has certainly grown up in the last few weeks and it makes me wanna cry. She has become my little helper with her brother. She sure does love him. Gives him loves of kisses and hugs, tries to calm him down when he cries, loves to help feed him, hands me the wipes, and loves to talk to him during tummy time.

Her and Dustin carved pumpkins the other day. She just jumped right in with cleaning them out. Yucky!! But she was great! She was all sticky by the time she was done and I couldnt stop taking pictures of her. This year for halloween she is going to be a pug. She picked out the outfit. She wouldnt put it done (maybe it reminded her of our pug daisy, not sure though) None the less she is going to be so cute and go trick or treating with her Aunt lissa Mae.

She is saying a couple new words right now- cookie, welcome, pooh, meow, kitty, gma, Tate, baby, Izzy. Thats all I can think of right now. We are working on her saying treat for halloween. I am also working on her with her numbers, she can say one, nine, seven, but never in the right order. We count everything with her but she just wont say anything else.

Tatem was baptised on Sunday October 19th. His godparents are Uncle Jesse, and My very bestest friend Ashely. It went great although he started crying about half way through and wouldnt settle down. I dont think he cared to be touched with the oils. But it went great! I have tons of pictures that I have to go through. He is getting so big.Grandpa Jack came to town this weekend to go the baptism and just couldnt put him down nor did he really wanna give him to me. I cant understand since this was the 2nd time that he has seen him. I only got him when his butt needed changing. Ten ppounds already. My big man. He is having some reflux issues right now. We are hoping have it under control here soon, but you never know.
There is an update on my little bundles. They are getting so big, and so fast. I am about to go back to work in Nov. I am going to miss so much with Tatem. I only worked a couple days a week when bree was little and I am working full time now, so I feel I will be missing out. But you have to do what you have to do.
Ta for now!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mini Meltdown!

So last night I had myself alittle mini meltdown. I just couldnt do it, I felt achy, tired, headache from hell that turned into a migrain. Tatem was having some gas pains, poor guy, so he wanted his mommy! Dustin chasing Bree around the house and she is screaming with delight. I just couldnt handle it. On top of that, I had cleaned the kitchen top to bottom yesterday! Guess who decided to cook, yup, the hubs. I dont mind it, but for some reason he doesnt rinse out the bowls, or put things in the sink.. I think that was the last straw. So I locked myself in the bedroom with Tatem and just cried. Dustin tried to come in but I told him I just wanted to be left alone! So he said ok. I later talked to him about it all, and he said he understood.
Breastfeeding isnt something I am enjoying right now, I think thats another reason I am so down. I loved it with bree, but this time around I just dont care for it. I am pumping mostly due to Tatem not really latching, which I pumped with bree too, but still just not all the intrested. My Hubs thinks breastfeeding is great.. so how do I tell him I am thinking about giving it up? I spend alot of my day pumping, Bree is running around the house getting into something or screaming for me. I just cant relax enough.
Well there is my whiney moment of the day! Feels good to get it out!