Monday, September 29, 2008

Good News for my dad and Lisa

So my dad had gotten a job offer here in Iowa.. they live in Michigan along with the rest of my family. This job offer came in August, general foreman with a UTL-high voltage utility lines, they made him an offer that he couldnt refuse. Cost of living here in Iowa is cheaper than Michigan, ect. So my dad said yes! He started Sept 16th and had to leave my step-mom back home to take care of the farm and get it ready to sell. Well it was on the market for 2 weeks and it sold! They couldnt believe it. They would like to be in the house before the holidays so my step mom is out in Iowa City looking for houses. I am hoping to see them this weekend! I am so excited. Its about 5 hours, but its better than 14hours to MI. I just cant believe that this is happening all so fast! YAY for them.. My dad is happy to have her here.. hes been staying in hotels and being lonely!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woohoo Now I am hip!

I am seeing that everyone has gotten a blog. So i thought maybe I would try out this new thing. We will see how much I actually blog! Or even if i can keep it up I am really not so good about these things!

Well that is it for now.. I gotta go feed Tatem and save my hubby from both kids! Ta