Saturday, October 25, 2008

My harley chick!

Here is the new face of Harley davidson.LOL My dad loves to spoil the grandkids with harley stuff. He is a big harley man and owns way to many harley bikes.

Braelyn knows when grandpa comes he always has something for her. She just took her first ride in the side cart of my dads bike he named after here. I didnt get a picture couldnt find the darn camera! So I will have to get it next time she goes for a little ride. She sure enjoyed it. Even though my dad was just barely moving the bike down the road in our tiny town! But none the less she sure had the biggest smile on her face!Down side to that shirt. It has glitter!!! So when she worse it, it got all over the house. My bed, couches, blankets, pillows, me, Tatem, and Dustin were all covered. I am still finding glitter on myself! But she is just to cute in it!!

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Marlana said...

oh that is sooooo cute!!!