Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mini Meltdown!

So last night I had myself alittle mini meltdown. I just couldnt do it, I felt achy, tired, headache from hell that turned into a migrain. Tatem was having some gas pains, poor guy, so he wanted his mommy! Dustin chasing Bree around the house and she is screaming with delight. I just couldnt handle it. On top of that, I had cleaned the kitchen top to bottom yesterday! Guess who decided to cook, yup, the hubs. I dont mind it, but for some reason he doesnt rinse out the bowls, or put things in the sink.. I think that was the last straw. So I locked myself in the bedroom with Tatem and just cried. Dustin tried to come in but I told him I just wanted to be left alone! So he said ok. I later talked to him about it all, and he said he understood.
Breastfeeding isnt something I am enjoying right now, I think thats another reason I am so down. I loved it with bree, but this time around I just dont care for it. I am pumping mostly due to Tatem not really latching, which I pumped with bree too, but still just not all the intrested. My Hubs thinks breastfeeding is great.. so how do I tell him I am thinking about giving it up? I spend alot of my day pumping, Bree is running around the house getting into something or screaming for me. I just cant relax enough.
Well there is my whiney moment of the day! Feels good to get it out!

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Tamra said...

Aww hun, I am so sorry. In the end it is what YOU want to do. When you decide what that is you just have to not worry what anyone else says and do it. Your a great mom, you will do what is best! Hugs!